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SLA Support

How it works, what are the response and resolution service levels, how our user support works

Voip Switch and general supportReceive, document, and prioritize issue tickets and help your staff in the use of existing switch and general voice services.Provide help desk support via JIRA
Answer queries about the platform and general VoIP .
Receive and document voice problems.
Collect and document requests for changes.
Share status of requests.
Problem correctionBring voice services back to its original functionality. This may include a permanent fix or a temporary work around until a permanent fix is found.
This includes development if required.
Fix bugs.
Retrieve functionality after abnormal program terminations.
Complete root cause analysis.
Service enhancementsModify the functionality of an existing voice service and handling development tasks (open source)Apply new functionality.
Fulfil regulatory requirements.
Enhance run-time efficiency.
Modify voice configuration based on new releases and best practices.
Process and Application ImprovementAssist your company in planning the better use of our services to meet business strategy and goals. This is a proactive attempt by ourcompany to improve applications and processes, based on our company’s increased application and business knowledge over time.Help your staff to make strategic decisions that meet business goals.
Provide functional, architectural and process improvements as required for the support and maintenance of the system areas in scope.

Support Rewards and Penalties

Each SLA is measurable and associated with a financial penalty if not met. Some SLAs are associated with rewards for exceptional performance.

  •  Penalty. A deduction from our monthly invoice expressed as a percentage of the agreed upon service delivery fee for the month in which a particular SLA was not met.
  • Reward. A premium added to our monthly invoice expressed as a percentage of the agreed upon service delivery fee for the month in which a particular SLA was exceeded.


Support reporting

We will provide a monthly status report that gives an overall summary of the following:

  • On-going activities (if not went through ticketing)
  • Completed tasks
  • Upcoming tasks, milestones and releases
  • Bug fixes
  • Risk identification and mitigation plan
  • Action items across different voice areas, if any
  • Tracking unresolved issues from maintenance which impact the SLA
  • Updating maintenance progress and resolving critical issues
  • Capturing agreements and disagreements and items needing escalation


Customer support and problem correction

The following procedures will be used to respond to problems that are received by us. A problem is defined as an unplanned system event which adversely affects application processing or application deliverables.
Measurement period for User Support and Problem Correction SLAs is a calendar month. For example, if an SLA is not met during the month of June, one penalty deduction (as outlined in the SLA associated with that particular service) will be applied to the invoice for the month of June, and if it is not met for the month of July, an additional penalty deduction will be applied to the invoice for the month of July.


Prioritization Approach

Service requests for problems received by us will be given a Severity Code from 1 – 4 based on how important responding to the problem is to the primary business of your company as a whole, as well as the availability of workarounds.

Severity codeDefinition
1A problem has made a critical application function unusable or unavailable and no workaround exists.
2A problem has made a critical application function unusable or unavailable but a workaround exists.
A problem has made an important application function unusable or unavailable and no workaround exists.
3A problem has diminished critical or important application functionality or performance but the functionality still performs as specified in the documentation.
4A problem has diminished supportive application functionality or performance.

Telephony Application Function Type

The table below provides a brief definition of critical, important, and supportive application functions. Examples are provided by you.

App Function TypeDescriptionExample
CriticalThese application functions are critical to ensuring business profitability or your company’s reputation. Extended failure will impact profit or damage your company’s reputation.Everything is DOWN
ImportantThese application functions are important to business productivity, but are not critical to profitability or your company’s reputation.Calls are dropped on 10% of the clients
SupportiveThese applications support productivity, but are not essential to business effectiveness.Requesting a custom change in telephony configuration

Response and Resolution Times

Severity codes are used in order to determine appropriate response and resolution times. Response and resolution times are measured from when the incident is opened through our ticketing system. If the problem is not resolved within the defined timeframe, continuous effort will be applied until the problem is resolved.

Severity codeInitial responseEstimation responseSubsequent responsesResolution
115 mins15 minsEvery 30 min.4 hours
230 mins30 minsEvery 2 hours6 hours
34 hours4 hoursEvery 4 hours16 hours
48 hoursNext business dayDaily7 business days

Response and Resolution Service Levels

Severity 1 resolutionAll Severity 1 problems are resolved in less than 1 hour10% of monthly feesNA
Severity 1 resolutionOne or more Severity 1 problems are resolved in over 4 hoursNA10% of monthly fees
Severity 2 resolutionLess than 95% of Severity 2 problems are resolved in 6 hoursNA10% of monthly fees
Severity 3 resolutionLess than 95% of Severity 3 problems are resolved in 16 hoursNA5% of monthly fees
Severity 4 resolutionLess than 95% of Severity 4 problems are resolved in 7 business daysNA5% of monthly fees
Response/EstimateLess than 95% of Initial Response, Estimation Response, and Subsequent Response times are metNA10% of monthly fees
Maximum Problem BacklogThere are always less than 4 unresolved problems2% of monthly feesNA
Maximum Problem AgingNo problem is older than 30 days2% of monthly feesNA

Let us support you

Our #1 priority here at Infra Voice is your satisfaction. Which means we stand by our products and services 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands and no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes.